STIEBEL ELTRON boosts Health and Well-Being partnerships with Siam Wellness Group

• STIEBEL ELTRON water heaters provide energy-efficient hot water to Let’s Relax day spa customers all over Thailand

STIEBEL ELTRON supplies Maxstream water filter and water heaters to Siam Wellness Day Spas around Thailand, ensuring customers are able to drink, bathe and relax in safety and comfort as they receive healing treatments. Popular spa brands Let’s Relax and Baan Suan choose STIEBEL ELTRON’s innovative and environmentally products to complete customer’s well-being experience at their branches in Bangkok, and popular destinations around Thailand.

Nationwide chain Let’s Relax relies on STIEBEL ELTRON’s water heaters to provide instantaneous hot water at their branches, ensuring massage areas and customer facilities maintain a hygienic and safe environment for guests. STIEBEL ELTRON’s DHC EC water heater is the ideal choice for businesses or homes that need small to medium amounts of hot water, such as for hand-wash basins or showers. This decentralized solution provides water almost instantaneously, avoiding potential losses in the supply line, and they improve efficiency as heat is only provided to the exact amount of hot water needed at any time. 

Neighborhood focused Baan Suan Massage provides staff and guests with clean drinking water using STIEBEL ELTRON’s Maxstream water filters, one of the safest commercial water filters on the market.  This compact commercial drinking water filter removes 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.99% of virus instances, giving peace of mind to guests. The Maxstream water filter requires no storage tank, waste water requirement or electricity, and can be easily mounted on a wall or under at a water outlet. The Maxstream is able to filter up to 25,000 liters during its lifetime, the equivalent of 140,000 cups of coffee.

“Water is an essential element to any well-being business and we are delighted to be a leading supplier in the hospitality and health and wellness industries. At STIEBEL ELTRON we pride ourselves on providing efficient, high quality, and environmentally-friendly products for both the home and the workplace. We have partnered with Siam Wellness Group for almost 10 years and we look forward to continuing to support their brands all across Thailand,” said Roland Hoehn, Managing Director of STIEBEL ELTRON ASIA. 

“Customer satisfaction is the most important measure for the success of our brands, and this has to be achieved at every stage of their visit to our branches. Our treatments must be invigorating, and our customers also expect to be safe and secure throughout their visit. This is why we partner with globally known brands with a reputation for hygiene and safety. We value our long-term partnership with STIEBEL ELTRON as they provide high quality products and excellent service. We look forward to many years of continued success together,” added Wiboon Utsahajit, Chief Executive Officer, Siam Wellness Group PCL.  

Siam Wellness Group is one of Thailand’s leading spa chains, overseeing a number of diverse brands that operate in Thailand and target a variety of customers. Let’s Relax day spa and Baan Suan Massage have branches in Bangkok, Korat, Udon Thani, Hua Hin, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Krabi, and Trang. Let’s Relax also operate in Myanmar and China. Siam Wellness Group also operates Rarinjinda Wellness Spa Resort, Siam Wellness Lab, Deck1 Exotic Scene and Cuisine, and Blooming Thai Massage school.