What is shower filter and why do we have to use it?

Many people have skin irritation, allergic reactions, rashes, or other skin problems. The cause is closer than everyone thinks because we hardly know how clean and contaminated the water, we use every day is.

In fact, tap water can be used for bathing and cleansing the body, as well as for everyday use.

But because the sewers in our house are quite dirty as there is rust, algae and many germs, therefore, chlorine must be used to kill those germs.

However, the water delivered to us that is used in our daily life still has residual chlorine, including the pH of the water that each person's skin can accept is not the same.

This causes skin allergy symptoms such as itching, irritation, rash, pimples all the time. Hard hair, hard skin, etc.

We will encounter problems from the water supply system at the source, or it may be because of the deterioration or cracking of the common water pipeline, especially during the rainy season, we often find that there are frequent problems with water quality with unusually high turbidity.


Let's talk about the use of water to shower in daily life.

Anybody knows shower filter?

Today we will explain what it is and the benefits of it.

To avoid the problem causes from contamination, shower filter is one alternative way for you.

In addition to filtering contaminants, hair and the skin will also benefit from this shower filter.

Because in the shower filter, there are various features e.g. reduce chlorine from tap water, reduce allergic reactions, and improve skin and hair quality. Besides, it comes with a light fragrance that helps to make the bath more refreshing and relaxing.


Today, there are many shower filters brands to select, depends on the features and purposes of use.

Using a water filter before showering will help ensure that the water is clean and safe. 

If you need travel to other provinces and are not confident with water conditions, shower filter is the best option. It's easy to use, easy to carry, and inexpensive.


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