Tips to select instantaneous water heater for your home

Nowadays, water heaters have become common appliances in the house. People get used to the warm water that flows out every time they shower. A warm bath becomes part of people's lifestyle, no matter what the weather is. Today, STIEBEL ELTRON has tips for you to keep in mind when looking for a water heater.

1. Requirements for using a water heater 

The first thing you need to consider when thinking about buying a water heater. A hot water heater is a usage requirement, for example, if you live in a condominium or a small family and want to use hot water only when bathing, you should opt for a single point water heater, but if you are a large family and want to use hot water at various points in the house, such as in a large bath, sink, bathtub or even in a spare bathroom, you should choose a multi-point water heater.

Of course, multi-point water heaters may provide more comfort, however, the more heating is, the more electricity you uses.


2. Power at your home

Before buying a water heater, check the power in your home by observing the power meter. For example, if you use a 5(15) electric meter at home, you should use a water heater with a power of no more than 3500 watts, if you use a 15(45) electric meter, you could use a water heater with a power of no more than 4500 watts or 6000 watts.

If you like fast and hot baths, choose a high-power water heater, but if you want energy savings, it's better to choose a low wattage.


3. Tank type

The material used to make the tank is another important factor to consider when buying a water heater. The advantage is that it is resistant to heat from water pressure, providing long service life, but the disadvantage is that it is expensive. The plastic tank is cheaper than a copper tank. However, a tank made of plastic may have a lifetime not as durable as a boiler made of copper.  Finally, a tank that uses copper coils to heat. The advantage is that this type of boiler heats quickly. The disadvantage is that the temperature of hot water will not stabilize.


4. Energy saving technology

A water heater is one of the most powered home appliances. When buying a water heater, look for a machine that is energy saving No.5.

5. Safety

Water, together with electricity are deadly, so buying a water heater requires a lot of safety. In addition to grounding installation, consumers should consider a water heater with automatic power cut-off system when electricity leakage or exceeds. ELSD (Earth Leakage Safety Device) or ELCB (Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker), the system automatically cuts off when the water temperature exceeds 2-step (in the water heater), technology from STIEBEL ELTRON calls Double Action Auto Thermostat. Besides, it should have international protection splash proof, IP 24 and IP 25. All wires are in standard, No Run Dry, Automatic flow switch on/off control system, which controls the machine only when water flows.

6. One of the last things to keep in mind when choosing a water heater is the design. 

Many people forget about it because they look at prices and promotions.

Nowadays, hot and cold water is like a bathroom decoration ornament. Therefore, we should also concern model that looks good and fit to your bathroom design with a good trustworthy brand. This will also represent your taste.

Tips to select instantaneous water heater