Water dispenser

  • A greater convenience with water dispenser

    Start your day with a cup of hot coffee and end of your day with a glass of cold clean water. This could be satisfied by STIEBEL LIFE water dispenser.

    Tailored to suit your requirements

    Our water dispenser is the perfect complement for your kitchen, office, restaurant, spa, etc. With our additional MAXSTREAM water filter inside, STIEBEL LIFE could provide you the best solution for clean and safe water.


    Good reasons to enjoy your home comforts


    • Eco system - the light sensor automatically powers off the system at night to save energy
    • Continuous dispensing - filtered water is dispensed at the push of a button
    • Hygiene-guard - the anti-bacterial dispensing nozzle is easy to remove to make routine cleaning simple for enhanced hygiene
    • Hot water safety button - helps to prevent children from accidental burns when using the water dispenser
    • Sleek design - the elegant design enhances any kitchen interior with a touch of luxury
    • Self-cleaning stainless-steel cold water tank - The LED UV lamp inside the corrosion-resistant cold water tank sterilizes the inner wall via UV-pasteurization
    • All-in-one slim water dispenser - STIEBEL LIFE XL comes with the MAXSTREAM
    • Commercial Drinking Water Filter which provides instant water flow and high performance filtration for maximum convenience