No lights, no warm water, no electricity supplied to the machine. Test, Reset does not work.

This problem could occur from 4 reasons because of

1. There is no electricity supplied to the machine. 

  • Cause: Breaker trip or broken

Solution: Check/open circuit breaker

  •  Cause: The power cord is not connected firmly. 

Solution: Check the wiring terminals on the machine or Test by pressing the Test and Reset button.

2. low water pressure

  • Cause: dirty strainer

Solution: Please clean it.

  • Cause: The water flow is not strong enough to make the machine work.

Solution: increase the water flow rate water pressure 

  • Cause: low water pressure

Solution: check the minimum water pressure requirement that the machine can operate

3. Thermostat cuts off

Cause: temperature overload

Solution: Press Reset thermostat

4. Connect the water line in and out alternately.

Cause: wrong installation

Solution: Switch the water flow (in the right hand, out the left hand)