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    APPLICATION: •Stiebel Life XL is a hot and cold water dispenser with a built-in commercial Maxstream water filter. It is suitable for commercial applications such as: offices, hospitals, factory...  With a compact design, it is also fit for using in a house.

    EQUIPMENT & CONVENIENCE: Stiebel Life XL is an ALL-IN-ONE slim commercial water dispenser for unlimited and high flow water outlet. Nano “Electro Positive Coating” filter technology (Nano EPM) traps 99.9999 % of bacteria, 99.99 % of viruses, and other microorganisms as well. Nanofiltration also enables a good flow until the end of the filter lifetime and minimises problems due to clogging. The Stiebel Life XL hot cold dispenser with MAXSTREAM water filter inside can be used for both domestic and commercial applications. It has LED UV lamp for self-cleaning stainless steel cold water tank. It also has hygiene-guard anti-bacterial dispensing nozzle. ECO system with the light sensor automatically powers off the system at night to save energy. The “Sanitary Quick Change” filter cartridge greatly facilitates filter replacement with the simple “twist” function; no tools required. The antibacterial carbon powder prevents from contamination from the outside and keeps the filter cartridge constantly fresh.

    INSTALLATION: The Stiebel Life XL is designed to stand on the floor. 

    SAFETY & QUALITY: The Stiebel Life XL meets the highest standard in hygiene and safety for hot cold dispenser. It also has the MAXSTREAM water filter which is tested by Korea Water Conformity, Korea. The anti-limescale filter media are certified as safe for drinking water by NSF International with NSF Mark 60 for material safety. The encapsulated filters inside the cartridges are clean and protected against contamination from the outside (e.g. during the filter replacement and cleaning).

    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 204517

    Filtration stages: 4 Stage

    Filter stage 1: Sediment - 5 μm

    Filter stage 2: Nano alumina with positive charges - 2 μm

    Filter stage 3: Activated carbon block with antibacterial silver media - 5 μm

    Filter stage 4: NSF 60 certified anti-hardness polyphosphate crystal balls

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