Instantaneous water heater for showers
XG 48 EC (STE)

  • Product details

    The temperature control function of the X-TRA Tank makes showering extra safe, giving you peace of mind while other members of your household use the shower.

    Featuring an extra slimline design with a depth of just 7.3 cm, as well as a striking colour contrast of pearl white and matte black, this model makes an eye-catching addition to every bathroom.

    Furthermore, it comes with a power rating of 3800 or 4800 watts to heat your water faster.

    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 203189

    Heating element: COPPER TUBULAR

    Type: Open outlet

    Automatic flow switch: true

    Heating material: X-TRA Tank

    Temperature setting: Step-less

    Temperature control: Power control

    Anti-scalding protection: Double action thermostat

    Shower accessories: 5-in-1 head shower with slide bar

    Colour: white

    IP rating: IP 25

    Electrical fuse protection: ELCB

    Rated output: 4,800 W

    Display: Standard

    Depth: 73 mm

    Height: 342 mm

    Width: 216 mm

    Weight: 1.8 kg

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