Instantaneous water heater for showers

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    Ultimate relaxation for body and soul awaits you with our premium rain shower systems, designed to complement upscale interiors.

    The rain shower head takes your shower experience to the next level.

    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 343682

    Electrical fuse protection: ELCB

    Rated output: 4,500 W

    Electrical connection: 1/N/PE~220-240 V

    Rated voltage: 220-240 V

    Display: Standard

    Heating element: Copper tubular

    Type: Open outlet

    Automatic flow switch: true

    Heating material: Copper

    Temperature setting: Variable

    Temperature control: Output control

    Anti-scalding protection: Double acting thermostat

    Shower accessories: Rain shower system and 5-in-1 shower head on push bar

    Colour: Chrome

    IP rating: IP25

    Depth: 85 mm

    Height: 342 mm

    Width: 212 mm

    Weight: 1.5 kg

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