Compact instantaneous water heater
DHE 18 SLi 25 A

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    Maximum showering comfort with 4i technology.

    The comfort instantaneous water heater in the premium segment supplies water heated to precisely the right temperature at all times. 4i technology makes this possible. It compensates for all external factors, maintaining the preferred temperature at a constant level. This appliance boasts excellent features offering outstanding comfort.

    Visible efficiency at all times

    The digital multifunction display permanently shows the set water temperature. While the appliance is operating efficiently, the display has green backlighting. The precise energy and water consumption, as well as information about the CO2 reduction, can be checked here at any time. 

    ERP product datasheet
    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 227492

    IP rating: other

    Temperature setting: 20-60 °C

    Colour: white

    Height: 478 mm

    Width: 225 mm

    Depth: 105 mm

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