Compact instantaneous water heater

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    Each of our fully electronic instantaneous water heaters delivers hot water at the exact temperature you have set, at all times. The temperature sensors and microcontroller technology ensure that the outlet temperature remains absolutely constant. As a result, you can luxuriate in a hot shower with no temperature fluctuations, even if someone is washing their hands at the washbasin next to you.

    Select your preference; the rest is automatic: The haptic rotary selector ensures the appliance is very easy to operate: intuitive, instant, precise. Up to 3 memory temperature settings at your fingertips via touch buttons.

    Identify the most important information quickly and easily: The illuminated display clearly shows your chosen water temperature.

    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 238946

    Height: 360 mm

    Width: 200 mm

    Depth: 110 mm

    Weight: 2 kg

    Electrical fuse protection: ELCB

    Rated output: 6.0 kW

    Electrical connection: 1/N/PE~220-240 V

    Type: Closed outlet

    Automatic flow switch: true

    Cylinder type: Copper

    Temperature setting: Variable 40-55 °C

    Temperature control: Electronic temperature control

    Temperature memory buttons: 3

    Anti-scalding protection: Thermostat with manual reset

    IP rating: IP 25

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