Keep cool and fresh this hot season with the Ultimate Shower Experience from STIEBEL ELTRON

  • Rejuvenate and refresh every shower time with STIEBEL AQUA shower head
  • Moisturise and smell fresh with scented VITA Shower filter

As days get warmer and we reach the hottest part of the year, Thailand’s home water experts STIEBEL ELTRON have launched new products to help you have the ultimate shower experience this summer. The STIEBEL AQUA shower head has adjustable pressure settings to give you the perfect shower every time, while the VITA Shower filter makes showering a pleasure for sensitive skins or those who just want to add something special to their shower time.


Whether bathing in the morning, at noon or at night, studies suggest that 95% of Thais prefer to shower rather than have a bath, with more than 75% of people showering twice a day. In the heat and humidity of hot season, having a good shower experience becomes an essential, helping reduce the heat of the day as well as refreshing and rejuvenating body and mind.


STIEBEL AQUA brings greater control to every shower time, allowing users to choose between 5 shower head settings, including rain, massage, mist and full spray and combinations. For those who want to protect their skin petal pressure gives your shower a gentle touch and a relaxed shower experience. This water saving shower head delivers consistent pressure from a beautifully designed shower head that looks at home in every bathroom style. With a choice of matte black, chromium or neutral colours the STIEBEL AQUA is the perfect choice for every home.


As concerns about pollution and hygiene increase in every Thai home, the VITA Shower filter has been launched to meet the needs of people with sensitive skin, or those who want an extra boost of energy during their shower. The Vita filter fits on to the water heater to reduce chlorine and clean the water as it flows through to the shower head, reducing skin and body allergies and protecting the skin with natural antibacterial. Health benefits don’t stop there, as almond oil helps improve skin's moisture during and after shower time, the scented filter improves skin and hair condition, and the reduction in chlorine inhalation is a boost for lung and respiratory health.


The STIEBEL VITA filter comes in five distinctive scents:

• Strawberry – the perfect choice for sensitive skin users

• Green tea – olive oil mix adding extra relaxation with Saururus chinensis extract to get rid of bacteria

• Rose – with almond oil and Saururus chinensis extract to reduce bacteria

• Lavender – 100% lavender extract 100% with almond oil to leave your skin feeling moisturized during and after the shower

• Acacia – mixed with olive oil leaving your skin feeling moisturized during and after the shower, while Saururus chinensis extract to get rid of the bacteria


STIEBEL AQUA is available to buy in-store at dealers across Thailand, at modern trade (Boonthavorn) or online at Shopee and Lazada. Prices range from THB 490 to THB 950.

Special promotions are available when buying STIEBEL AQUA and VITA shower filter together.