What is decentralized water heating?

In every household, there are several draw-off points. Decentralized water heating means putting the water heater exactly where the water is required, whether it's the kitchen, bathroom or laundry.

Six good reasons for using a decentralized water heating system:

  • Heating exactly where it's needed 

Water heaters are installed just where the hot water is required. Under the sink, at the wash basin, next to the shower or near the bath.


  • Very little heat loss 

Because the appliance is right next to the draw-off point, the pipes carrying the hot water are short. Energy-wasting distribution piping is avoided, bringing heat loss down to a minimum.


  • Save water 

Shorter pipes also mean that cold water does not first have to be drawn off at the outlet, so valuable water is not wasted


  • Easy installation 

STIEBEL ELTRON electric "point of use" water heaters are quick and easy to fit, even in a retrofit situation. This saves time and effort.


  • Economical

Electric "Point of Use" water heaters make full use of energy. They are a particularly economical way to supply hot water.


  • Exact calculation 

The precise individual calculation is very useful, especially in apartment buildings, as every single family will pay only for the warm water they actually consume. This is in fact an incentive to save energy and moreover, also prevents any quarrels and irritation when receiving an equally split bill.