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Exchange filter 2 in 1 (STE)

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    2-in-1 filter cartridge used with Rain and Rain Plus drinking water filters.

    2 stages of filter media are combined in one single filter cartridge. This ensures exceptionally clean and safe filtration performance. An ultrafiltration hollow fibre membrane with a pore size down to 0.01 microns provides bacteria-free drinking water instantly, with no electricity required. Antibacterial granular activated carbon. Improves the taste of the water by reducing chlorine, VOCs and TTHMs. Silver ions added to the carbon prevent the growth of filtered bacteria inside the filter.

    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 222325

    Filtration stages: 2 Stage

    Filter stage 1: Granulated activated carbon with silver impregnation

    Filter stage 2: Ultra filtration (hollow fibre) - 0.1-0.01 μm

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