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    The Stiebel Face is one of the only skin care water filter in the market  that can be used in every wash basin to deliver cleaner and safer drinking water with reduced odours and contaminants. It reduces allergies caused by chlorine and its harmful compounds for healthier skin and mouth. As one of the safest commercial water filters on the market, it also comes with the Sanitary Quick Change filter cartridge for quick and hygienic cartridge replacement.

    The Stiebel Face Pre-filter can be used fordomestic applications with no storage tank, water wastage nor electricity. It fits under a standard bathroom sink or can be wall mounted.

    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 205226

    Height: 440 mm

    Width: 115 mm

    Diameter: 130 mm

    Weight: 2.97 kg

    Filter type: POE/POU prefilter

    Installation type: Undersink

    Colour: white

    Filter stage 1: Pleated sediment - 5 μm

    Filter stage 2: Activated carbon block with antibacterial silver media - 5 μm

    Filter stage 3: NSF 60 certified anti-hardness polyphosphate crystal balls

    Filter stage 4: Tourmaline ceramic balls

    Temperature range: 4 - 38 °C

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