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    The perfect choice for your kitchen

    The SNOW water filter is the perfect choice for your kitchen and care for your family's health to make your drinking water better than the last.


    Convenient for you

    Powerful and high effciency RO membrane provides high and consistent filtered water to fill up the tank faster and reduce the wastewater with lowest RO system.

    The SNOW water filter has a distinctive and modern design that is compact, space-saving. For this reason, it fits all kitchen styles. 


    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 205609

    Height: 36 mm

    Width: 14 mm

    Depth: 37.5 mm

    Weight: 5.15 kg

    Filtration stages: 5 Stage

    Filter stage 1: Pleated sediment - 5 μm

    Filter stage 2: Carbon fibre

    Filter stage 3: Pleated sediment - 5 μm

    Temperature range: 4 - 35 °C

    Electrical connection: 1/N/PE~220-240 V

    Draw-off option: Swan neck tap

    Colour: white

    Installation type: Undersink

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