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    APPLICATION: The Cloud  filters water from the municipal supply to instantly deliver clean, fresh drinking water. 
    EQUIPMENT & CONVENIENCE: Ultrafiltration (UF) membrane with microporous hollow fibre structure works as an efficient filter to remove 100 % of bacteria, particles down to 0.01 microns and some viruses. Large and multi carbon layers provide good tasting filtered water. Antibacterial carbon powder in the last filtration stage keeps the filter cartridge constantly fresh. Easy cartridge replacement in seconds with the small spanner tool inside the water filter. No electricity or storage tank required

    INSTALLATION: The Cloud can be installed under the sink or wall-mounted. 

    SAFETY & QUALITY: The Cloud is tested by Korea Water Conformity, Korea. Encapsulated filter cartridges are clean and protected against contamination from the outside (e.g. during filter replacement and cleaning).

    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 206419

    Height: 385 mm

    Width: 360 mm

    Depth: 110 mm

    Weight: 4.5 kg

    Filtration stages: 5 Stage

    Filter stage 1: Sediment filter - 1 μm

    Filter stage 2: Activated carbon block - 10 μm

    Filter stage 3: Activated carbon block - 5 μm

    Filter stage 4: Ultra filtration (hollow fibre) - 0.1-0.01 μm

    Filter stage 5: Activated carbon block - 5 μm

    Temperature range: 4 - 35 °C

    Draw-off option: Swan neck tap

    Colour: white

    Installation type: Undersink

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