Compact instantaneous water heater
DHF 13 C (STE)

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    Application • This hydraulically controlled instantaneous water heater supplies DHW to multiple draw-off points. • The appliance can be combined with commercially available taps.

    Convenience features • The tubular heater in a pressure-tested copper cylinder is suitable for use with soft water. • The hydraulic control system regulates the electrical output automatically in 2 output stages subject to the flow rate. • The output level can be manually locked to full heating output using the output selector. • The flow rate control compensates for pressure fluctuations to deliver largely stable temperatures. The flow rate is automatically limited in the winter to ensure an adequate increase in DHW temperature. • The preferred temperature is set at the tap.

    Installation: • Electrical connection in the lower area of the appliance. • The threaded water fittings for flush/surface mounting with cold water shut-off are intended for surface mounted taps. • The instantaneous water heater is not suitable for plastic DHW pipework. • When connecting the appliance to the cold water supply, fit approx. 1 m of metal pipe if the cold water pipework is plastic.

    Safety • The safety system is equipped with a high limit safety cut-out.

    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 204519

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