Compact instantaneous water heater

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    A slimline design with a depth of just 7.3 cm if space under your sink or washbasin is limited, along with the highly durable copper tank. The multi-point unit is suitable for bathrooms with several draw-off points, e.g. washbasin, bath and shower.

    Choose from various colours: a white casing for the 4000 watt version or silver casing for the 6000 and 8000 watt models.

    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 233226

    Height: 342 mm

    Width: 216 mm

    Depth: 73 mm

    Weight: 2 kg

    Electrical fuse protection: ELCB

    Rated output: 6.0 kW

    Type: Closed outlet

    Automatic flow switch: true

    Cylinder type: Copper

    Temperature setting: Variable

    Temperature control: Output control

    Anti-scalding protection: Thermostat with manual reset

    IP rating: IP25

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