Compact instantaneous water heater
DCE-M 10/12 T

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    Enjoy reliable heat

    Life has its ups and downs.So we think it's reassuring to have a hot water supply in your home that you can always count on.With this compact instantaneous water heater, water at a pleasant temperature is a given.With efficiency that is second to none.


    Very easy to operate

    With its minimal dimensions yet powerful output, this appliance supplies either several hand washbasins or a shower with water at your preferred temperature.Thanks to the rotary selector, it's easy to make adjustments.The end result is reliable hot water as an integral part of your day.

    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 205842

    Height: 372 mm

    Width: 217 mm

    Depth: 109 mm

    Weight: 2.5 kg

    Electrical fuse protection: AutoShield

    Rated output: 10/12 - 12/14.3 kW

    Electrical connection: 1/N/PE~220-240 V

    Heating element: Direct Coil™ bare-wire

    Type: Closed outlet

    Automatic flow switch: true

    Cylinder type: Direct Coil™ bare wire

    Temperature setting: Variable 30-60 °C

    Temperature control: Electronic temperature control

    Anti-scalding protection: Thermostat with manual reset

    IP rating: IP25

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