Style up your life with the gorgeous “STIEBEL LIFE” water dispenser

Bring a bit of style to your workspace with the addition of STIEBEL LIFE, a new streamlined hot and cold water dispenser that has a modern design fit for the coolest looking homes, offices and workplaces.  This compact, minimalist water dispenser looks just as good in a modern family home as it does in restaurants, coffee shops, waiting rooms, offices or even the factory floor. In addition to its good looks, STIEBEL LIFE provides everyone with safe and clean water every time you drink.


Featuring the best in water safety, STIEBEL LIFE includes the high-performance MAXSTREAM filter which performs a hygiene guard that traps harmful bacteria and viruses and reduces dirt, chlorine, chemicals, heavy metals, bad tastes and odours in your water, ensuring you have confidence in your drinking water. This dispenser also features a hygiene-guard anti-bacterial dispensing nozzle that can easily be removed, allowing for a simple and fast clean.




Standing at just over a metre tall, the space-saving STIEBEL LIFE is able to produce instant high water flow even when demand is high, and is able to provide a continuous flow of filtered water just by touching the extract button. A hot water safety button helps prevent users from accidental burns.


With an eye on being environmentally sound the STIEBEL LIFE also features an ECO mode, which automatically turns off power at night when the light is off, helping you to save energy and reduce monthly bills. Additionally, the stainless steel tank is self-cleaning, making it easier to maintain with an LED UV lamp system that sterilises the inner wall via UV-pasteurisation detect leaks and sterilise the tank .


The STIEBEL LIFE is designed using STIEBEL ELTRON’s expertise in creating safe and clean water products using German quality standards and the highest international safety specifications. 


STIEBEL LIFE is the ideal addition to the businesses, commercial buildings or the home, and is available to buy at Shopee, Lazada and JD Central for 25,900 Baht.