Take your daily skincare routine to the next level with “STIEBEL FACE”

Introducing the new addition filter to take better care of your skin 


STIEBEL FACE, the newest addition to the STIEBEL ELTRON family of water heaters, water filters, hand-dryers, heat pumps and water pumps from Germany, has been introduced to the market to provide consumers with cleaner water for a better skincare experience. STIEBEL FACE is a pre-filter that is installed beneath a bathroom sink to improve water quality to protect the health of eyes, skin, and teeth. 

The essential we need 

Beauty and water go hand in hand, and you may be surprised at how water affects your skin. STIEBEL FACE is an ideal solution to ensure you get the water your skin deserves and gives you a great way to start your mornings and end your days. Start with a filtered, odorless splash of water to help you wake up and cleanse the morning oiliness, and finish with another splash to remove all bacteria, dust, sweat, dirt, and purifying tired and dead skin cells accumulated through the day. 


The 4-filtration stages that will help you improve your skincare routine on a daily basis

• Filtering your water supply

Water with harmful contaminants like chlorine and chemicals, heavy metals and sediments like soils, dust, rust can irritate sensitive skin, STIEBEL FACE filtration system can help in the reductions of those contaminants, ensuring soothing water flows from the tap.  


• Preventing bacteria growth

The large and high-quality carbon block filtration stage with silver ions integrated not only reduces color, odour, heavy metals, and chemicals, it also prevents bacteria growth inside the cartridge to maintain the freshness of water supply.


• Reducing limescale formation

The NSF certified polyphosphate crystal balls neutralize calcium hardness to reduce limescale formations, prolonging the lifetime of the sanitary fitting and boost smooth water flow from the water tap.


• Supplying mineral resources

The Tourmaline ceramic balls purify water and supply mineral microelements that is beneficial to the skin. It also generates negative ions into water to give the skin a refreshing feeling after a long day.


“STIEBEL ELTRON has expanded our product offering to focus on delivering a healthier lifestyle. We are excited to introduce STIEBEL FACE, the new 4-stage filtration system that provides high-quality skin care filtered water. It is designed to reduce skin allergies and irritation for all skin types, to make washing the face and brushing the teeth more comfortable and enjoyable for day and night routines, making this the ideal water solution for a hygiene facial washing that every household should consider,” said Roland Hoehn, Managing Director of STIEBEL ELTRON ASIA.