Let’s make your house water safe to use during rainy season

Increased sodium levels create potential health risk for your family

Every year during our long rainy season the sea level goes up. That shouldn’t sound so surprising, but there is a hidden danger in rising sea levels as it increases the chance of unsafe water being used in your home. Salty water is becoming an annual problem in homes around Chao Phraya River basin and high levels of sodium can increase the risk of children, the elderly, and people with heart disease, kidney disease, hypertension, or diabetes getting sick.


“STIEBEL ELTRON know the importance of having a safe, healthy water supply in the home and dealing with salty or brackish water is becoming an important issue for many households in Thailand. It’s important that we reduce the sodium content in the water we use to make it safe, whether it is for drinking, washing your face, or rinsing vegetables before you eat them. Fortunately, STIEBEL ELTRON and our team of engineers have developed a variety of solutions that can easily be installed and used to give everyone peace of mind when using water in and around the house,” said Roland Hoehn, Managing Director of STIEBEL ELTRON ASIA.

Protect your family with innovative German engineering

As an expert in water filtration system, STIEBEL ELTRON has a product range covering everything from pre-filter and filter to ensure a clean and fresh water supply that gives you a great way to start your mornings and end your days during the rainy season. 

Keeping all of your water clean and fresh

Filtering your water before it enters the house’s water system gives you the best foundation to having a purified water feed throughout the house. The STIEBEL HOUSE pre-filter can be installed at both point-of-entry and a point-of-use to reduce unpleasant tastes, odor, and contamination by using Activated Carbon Block made from a high-quality coconut charcoal carbon impregnated with silver ion. This filters bacteria, chlorine and heavy metals to ensure a clean and fresh water even before it flows into your house.

Drinking water you can trust

To manage the variety of factors that affect drinking water quality during rainy season, STIEBEL ELTRON offers GLACIER, a drinking filter with advanced “Reverse Osmosis (RO)” system, equipped with EFRO RO membrane 0.0001 micron that able to reduce 100% of bacteria and virus. Moreover, it can remove cysts, algae, also reduce unpleasant taste and odor. A 5 stages filtration in its 4 filters also help prevents second contamination with silver ions including salt, calcium hardness, heavy materials and impurities from the water flow without using electricity to ensures the purest water for you and your family with a stylish design that fits neatly in your home.

Water solutions for your enhanced fresh and relaxed shower

Ending your day with a fresh and relaxing shower can increase well-being and productivity and create a healthy state of mind. Using STIEBEL VITA shower filter you can enhance your shower experience with relaxing scents while filtering contaminants from your water flow. The shower filter removes impurities in the water and provides natural antibacterial protection to the skin, reducing skin irritation and allergic reactions. In addition to filtering chlorine in the water to help avoid chlorine inhalation. Best of all, you can choose to add a touch of strawberry, green tea, rose, lavender or acacia scent to your shower, depending on your mood.

Take your daily skincare routine to the next level

Getting allergic reactions from water is a real concern for us all, and you’d be surprised at how water can affect your facial skin condition. STIEBEL FACE is a pre-filter that fits perfectly beneath a bathroom sink, providing a four-stage filtration system due to a large and high-quality carbon block filtration stage with silver ions integrated in it. This helps reduce imperfections of the water, including chlorine, the bad taste, the odor, heavy metals, and chemicals. The filter also prevents bacteria growth inside the cartridge helping to maintain the freshness of the water supply to protect the health of your eyes, skin, and teeth. It can also reduce skin irritation, a perfect solution for children and people with sensitive skin.

A range of STIEBEL ELTRON pre-filter and filter with stylish design and high-quality filtration system. is available at distributors across Thailand or online merchants.